First Post on the ‘NEW’ Blog

I started a blog back in 2011 – that happened because I was in the process of starting a company, and all the content about productivity was actually quite relevant to the company’s purpose. The company has since been sold, and the blog has been dormant since 2012… My passion for productivity however, is not dormant at all.

I have always been into watches… For some odd reason I didn’t ever consider the wider watch community on the internet, and I just sort of ‘collected’ on my own. In 2018,  Adrian from Bark & Jack posted a YouTube video and it fortuitously came up in my feed… I clicked on it – since I loved watches anyway… and have since become slightly obsessed with the online watch family – the #watchfam as it is lovingly referred to.

I then started posting wrist shots on Instagram – quite randomly I might add – and friends and family seemed to be confused… “What’s with all the watch pictures mate?” … “Are you selling watches now?”… “Are you a watch blogger?”. Hmm… now there’s an idea!

That brings us to today – I figured I might as well start somewhere and Christmas Day 2018 seems like a neat starting point to test the water with a blog.

Coming back to the concept of productivity, if you look through my blog archives you will see that there is some decent content, if I may say so myself! I share a lot of content via email with friends, family and colleagues – I figured I would share it on my blog instead, and have a nice archive of my shared content in one place for my offspring to read someday!

Hence, this blog is going to be about watches and productivity… two topics which I love very much.

I hope you enjoy it.

All my best,

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  1. ellie894 says:

    Thank you for visiting allmyheartsees. My dad Loved watches!

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    1. FK says:

      Pleasure! What watches did he like?!

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      1. ellie894 says:

        Oh gosh! He liked them all! He knew the names better than I do. He knew Rolex and such but I recall him being far more enthused by fine older watches. When he found one by chance he was so excited whether it worked or not. He would tell me the story of where he discovered it and the name of the maker with a wonder in his eyes. You know, like, can you believe I found This?! I should look up some of the names. I’m sure I would recognize them if I saw them. And He loved a wind up watch.

        Thank you! You have a great site and nice writing style.


  2. FK says:

    Hi Ellie, thank you for your kind words – very much appreciated!

    Your recollection makes me smile – the story has so much emotion in it. Have you kept any of his watches? You should share some photos of the watches if you have any.

    Part of the appeal with watches – for me anyway – is how each watch has a story, and a new watch is a story in the making. I’m often fascinated by stories in the watch world about how people tracked down an heirloom with an engraving, or others who sold a watch, missed it and found it again many years later… It’s a hobby, sure, but it tugs at the heartstrings sometimes too!

    I was browsing through your poetry earlier today – you should compile a book!

    Thanks again for your comments – makes me excited to continue this blog!

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  3. ellie894 says:

    Hi FK, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I didn’t receive notification of your comment.

    His wife has all of his watches. I do have a cigar box full of watch parts. They would probably make a good photo as well, thank you for the great idea! I was also reminded that he gave me my first watch…Mickey mouse. It’s not working but I still have it. I do have a wonderful pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather. It’s simple in style but lovely.

    I love that – every watch with its own stories! How magical to track one down or recover an heirloom.

    Thank you! That’s very kind and I so appreciate the encouragement where my poetry is concerned. I’ve actually been considering it just recently. I wouldn’t really expect much from others but it would be nice to see them altogether like a real book.

    My pleasure! I’m excited to read on!

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    1. FK says:

      Thanks for your support, much appreciated!

      Oh wow I love Mickey mouse watches. The one that comes to mind is Prof. Robert Langdon from Da Vinci Code! You should get it repaired… What a lovely memory! The pocket watch sounds like an awesome heirloom – do you have pics of it?

      I look forward to the book 🙂

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      1. ellie894 says:

        I should!! It’d be fun to wear it again. My dad did his own watch repair. I think that would be fun to learn. I don’t have pics of the pocket watch but it would be easy to take some.

        Thank you 🙂

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