What is happening?

Nearly everyone believes they would be better off spending less time on social media, and yet, the inescapable fear of missing out… the desire to know what is happening, seems to reel us back in. So, what is happening, watchfam?

Well, what is happening is you have lost the ability to enjoy your new watch, because you saw several new watch alerts on your feed, and began thinking about how you can get your next one.

What is happening is you have found several reasons why you need another new watch, because someone you have never met is telling you how good a new watch is.

What is happening is a new watch has been launched, and although you were not planning to buy it, nor could you afford it; Somehow the allocation process has annoyed you.

What is happening is that you allowed the comments and pictures from strangers shape your opinion on a watch before forming your own authentic opinion.

What is happening is that vitriol around a new brand or watch release has triggered the imperceptible release of cortisol in your body which will diminish your mental and physical health.

What is happening is that your previous ability to enjoy a fun hobby and connect with like-minded hobbyists has been overcome by a fear of ‘picking losers’ – i.e. choosing a watch which may not appreciate in value.

What is happening is your obsession with monetary value and perceived access is shaping your tastes, rather than your inherent aesthetic preferences revealing themselves through your choices.

What is happening is that an algorithm created by a profiteering corporation with no regard for your personal well-being is subtly manipulating your view of the world.

What is happening is that your partner decided not to share something with you because they could tell you weren’t paying full attention to what they were trying to say.

What is happening is you missed a chance to kiss your kids goodnight, because you spent a little extra time on the feed.

And now, you’re all caught up.

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