A short story about amassing wealth

I attended a conference this week and met a young fellow who, I went on to discover, was worth over £100m. He told me the insane story of how he got this wealth, and thought I would share it with you.

This young gentleman didn’t grow up poor or anything like that. As a matter of fact, he was a a rather ordinary child, who grew up in an average middle class household in the suburbs. In many ways he exemplified the meaning of ‘average’ in school. Luckily, towards the end of his schooling years, he happened to have an encounter with a successful lawyer who ignited a fire in him to want to succeed in life… and so he started to work harder. His hard work paid off, and it was enough to get him into Oxford University where he studied law.

Given his unrelenting drive, he graduated with a law degree, and although he didn’t manage to finish at the top of his class, he still got a job at Kirkland & Ellis – apparently this is one of the best law firms in the world. I wouldn’t know… but anyway.

After joining the firm, he worked harder that any of the other new associates, contributing to some decent cases and billing above-average hours. He used his first few bonuses to buy various unknown crypto coins and of course, he also got into NFTs around the time they were gaining popularity. Unfortunately for him, his timing was off, and this didn’t lead to the overnight riches we often hear about.

Not knowing what he was doing, he told me how he lost nearly everything in crypto… but, fortunately, he still had his day job, where he continued to do well. This ensured he was still financially stable. 

Anyway, during the pandemic lockdowns he began to struggle with balancing his work with his personal life, and his mental health took a turn for the worse. He had to take some personal time to try and rebalance his mind etc.

Then his uncle died and left him over £100m.

This is not a true story… have a good weekend 🙂


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