About ScrewDownCrown

Although many people say this, I truly mean it: I have been into watches since I was a child! To be precise, it began around the time I started primary school. At that time, it was just an obsession with the watch as a ‘gadget’ more than a device to tell time – it then coincided with the rise of the Casio calculator watches, fuelling my desire for even cooler gadgets. I then discovered Timex and their ‘indiglo’ backlight – loved that, and my love for lume continues to this day. To bridge the gap between the quartz and mechanical watch transition, I have an old story about my father and his Patek Philippe, but I will save that for a full post someday.

Having lived in Africa until 2010 – I didn’t ever consider the wider watch community on the internet, and I just sort of ‘collected’ on my own… the concept of a Redbar-style watch meet-up in a place like Johannesburg is nothing short of insane … because that would be inviting armed robbery!

In 2018,  Adrian from Bark & Jack posted a YouTube video and it fortuitously came up in my feed… I clicked on it – since I loved watches anyway… and have since become slightly obsessed with the online watch family – the #watchfam as it is referred to on Instagram.

I then started posting wrist shots and photos of watches on Instagram – quite randomly I might add – and friends and family seemed to be confused… “What’s with all the watch pictures?” … “Are you selling watches now?”… “Are you a watch blogger”?

That brings us to this blog – I toyed with the idea of posting videos of watches and/or reviewing watches… I even tried making a video once – it was terrible! I also don’t have plans to grow an audience on YouTube, as I prefer to write and have two-way conversations – YouTube content, for me, doesn’t scratch the itch.

Coming back to the concept of productivity, if you look through my blog archives you will see that there is a lot of content on the subject. I tend to share a lot of this content via email with friends, family and colleagues – I figured I would share it on my blog instead, and have a nice archive of my shared content in one place for my offspring to read someday.

So in short, this blog is largely about watches and productivity… two topics which I enjoy very much. I also tend to try and connect broader socio-economic concepts and psychology theory to the hobby, trying to make sense of it all – I am no expert, and this is all just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy it.

All my best,
F. aka @kingflum

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries… or simply want to have a chat, feel free to contact me at any time.

blog [at] screwdowncrown [dot] com

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  2. Rune says:

    Just discovered your blog – super cool, F!


    1. FK says:

      Cheers bro 🙂


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