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So after all this time posting random articles, I’ve had dozens of people reaching out, and thanking me for different posts… from helping them with purchase decisions, to helping their daughter mentally cope with her first year at university – it is quite strange how a simple post can sometimes make such an impact on someone, often thousands of miles away! It is awesome, and every bot of feedback, and every response, is truly appreciated.

Anyway, this led me to creating this page on ‘buy me a coffee’ – if you enjoy what you read, or if you seek advice and this page happens to help you out, then buy me a coffee. I plan to upgrade the site simply to remove ads, as some folks have expressed irritation with them – this money from all the coffees will simply be used to pay for the removal of ads and fund any other website related stuff – I don’t anticipate making a profit, but I figured I’d leave the option there if you’re feeling generous… Thanks in advance 🙂