Innovation and watchmaking

About a month ago, Erik Hoel wrote a post about how the decline in great minds has been caused by ‘aristocratic tutoring’ being replaced by ordinary education. This post tries to connect this idea with ‘geniuses’ in watchmaking, and what that means for the future of watchmaking innovation.

NFTs and watches

Watches and NFTs might seem like a pointless combination; after all, we enjoy wearing the watches we own, so what’s the point of having a digital version? In this post, I dig into NFTs and conduct a few thought experiments and draw some analogies with the success of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Start-up Lessons (Yes, Really) From Reality TV

The Real Housewives is not exactly part of an entrepreneur’s business toolkit. (But if you’re going to watch, you might as well learn from others’ drama!) Courtesy Company I know, I know…I KNOW! If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. And I’m the first one to agree that wasting time on silly stuff…

Brain Storming – Everything Is Allowed

Every day I list at least ten items. I like to practice my idea muscle. Even if its my stupid idea muscle. They might be business ideas. Thoughts about the revolution. Book ideas. Ideas on how to improve my life. Or blog post ideas. Ideas on who I should be connecting with. And so on….

Why You Want the New iPad So Badly

For a certain breed of consumers, the arrival of Apple’s third-generation iPad is an occasion of  monomaniacal focus and intense anticipation. Visions of how the shiny new gadget  will revolutionize their lives fill their heads. They’re willing to sacrifice  hours waiting in line and hard-earned cash that they can ill afford to spare,  all to…

Why Weird is Wonderful (and Bankable)

Weird is wonderful. And it’s bankable too! You know who’s weird? Astronauts. Saints. Nobel Prize winners. Scientists. People with hobbies you’ve never heard of or are afraid to try. People who speak their minds. People with both problems and (gasp) solutions. People who are (enviably) not like you. Being weird means being noticeably different. It means…