Will the Apple Watch kill the luxury watch industry?

According to Neil Cybart at Above Avalon (the world’s top ranked Apple analyst), it took just over five years for the installed base of the Apple Watch to surpass 100 million people, and its growth trajectory continues to accelerate. What does this mean for the ‘traditional’ Swiss watch industry, and how should they react? A 14-year-old who wears an Apple watch today, will have worn nothing else until they’re old enough to afford a Rolex – The question is, when this day comes, will they want one?

Tim Cook Tweets Story of User’s Apple Watch Detecting Atrial Fibrillation

So this isn’t the only story of its kind … but this time, Apple CEO Tim Cook actually replied to a tweet from a lady whose husband’s life may have pre-emptively been saved by his Apple Watch! The watch detected his atrial fibrillation, alerted him, and this led to him getting medical attention. Medical professionals apparently discovered…