How to Assess Your Leadership Skills

Are you as effective a CEO as you can be? These seven steps will help you hone your style. Are you persuasively steering your team, and the company you founded? How do you know? “Often without meaning to, we create complexity for people who work with us,” says Katherine Ebner, executive leadership coach at Nebo…

Sheldon Yellen: Why I Went on Undercover Boss

Sheldon Yellen, CEO of $1 billion Belfor Holdings, explains why he’s glad he went on Undercover Boss. Sheldon Yellen had an inkling that he was out of touch with his 6,400 employees. After all, as the CEO of Belfor Holdings (No. 4,753 on the 2009 Inc. 5000) a $1 billion diversified building services company based…

My Story: Christopher Simovich of Global Strategies

Dealing with Mexican drug cartels and other dangerous encounters is a “normal” work hazard for Global Strategies, a boutique security agency. Most CEOs find themselves in the line of fire at least occasionally. For Christopher Simovich, CEO of Global Strategies, a boutique security agency based in Aliso Viejo, California, that is no metaphor.

How Much About the Business Should You Share With Your Spouse?

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg examines the limit on what your spouse should know about the company’s problems. In the early years of Stonyfield Yogurt, my husband, Gary, and I acted like the three wise monkeys. When it came to the company’s finances, I covered my eyes and ears so as to see and hear no evil….

The Fastest-Growing Private Company of 2011

Dreamy jazz floats in the background, but the woman vogueing for the camera is so Olivia Newton-John that the theme from Xanadu springs unbidden to the brain. Tangled blond ponytail. Gold lamé body suit over a bandage-size black halter. Plummy purple leggings. The leggings have to go. “That purple is too magazine,” pronounces merchandising director…