Visiting Rexhep Rexhepi

The horizon, unlike the equator or North Pole, isn’t a static property or location on Earth. It is a local phenomenon, where the convexity of the earth limits visibility distance. If you take a 6ft tall person for example… their ‘visible distance’ would stretch just over 3 miles (~5km); whereas a bird flying at an altitude of 1 mile would have visibility stretching about 100 miles in every direction. Read on, to figure out what this has to do with watches!

A short story about amassing wealth

I attended a conference this week and met a young fellow who, I went on to discover, was worth over £100m. He told me the insane story of how he got this wealth, and thought I would share it with you.

Is Peter Thiel Misguiding Young Entrepreneurs?

The venture capitalist wants kids to skip college and companies to stop listing degrees as a job requirement. But will it work? Flickr/thekenyeung Looking to hire someone without a college degree? One Silicon Valley investor thinks you should. Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who has backed some of the Valley’s most successful start-ups, has recently been…

The myth of the overnight success

Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game. They spent eight years and almost went bankrupt before finally creating their massive hit. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history, but struggled for a long time. Pinterest’s CEO recently said that they had “catastrophically small numbers” in their first year after launch, and that if…

How London is Luring Start-ups

Welcome to the “Silicon Roundabout,” which is luring young companies with government funding, Google-sponsored office space, and a new start-up competition. Silicon Roundabout, London – Torcello Trio, via Flickr The start-up scene in London may not be as well known as the hotbeds of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley or New York City, but it is…