Who enjoys the best of us?

One of life’s greatest ironies is how often we treat friends, co-workers and even strangers … better than we treat our own family. We often preserve the best of ourselves for those who mean the least… Surely, it ought to be the other way around?

Happiness versus Relief

What is the difference between happiness and relief, and how does this apply to watch collecting? This is a discussion about our inner-critic, and our inner-cheerleader – along with some thoughts about pursuing lasting joy; not only when it comes to watch collecting, but life in general.

Networking for Introverts: 3 Tips for Success

An unwillingness to invest time in building professional relationships can limit your career. Here are some ways to reduce the stress of developing a robust network. Adrianne Koteen/TEDx SF/Flickr Question:  How many introverts does it take to hold a meeting? Answer:  Two… as long as they both have laptops and Internet connections!* If you are…